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National Water Conservancy Scenic Area


Wuhai Lake selected into the National Water Conservatory Scenic Area, thats how beautiful she is

Recently, the State Ministry of Water Resources announced the 16th batch of national water conservatory scenic area list, with a total of 59 state-level water conservatory scenic areas. Wuhai Lake water conservatory scenic area is on the list, and it is also the only Inner Mongolia scenic area that is selected in the list.


The successful declaration for the national water conservatory scenic area is of great significance to Wuhai City. The creation of a national water conservatory scenic area is not only conducive to the full development and utilization of Wuhai Lake tourism resources, so as to better promote Wuhai local economy and the related industries, its unique water source protection and ecological recovery function also become more and more obvious. More and more recognized by the society, the construction of a national water conservatory scenic area can facilitate the sustainable economic and social development, and supports the depth implementation of the strong tourism city strategy of Wuhai.


In December 2015, successful declaration for provincial water conservatory scenic area

In August 2016, successful declaration for national water conservatory scenic area


Wuhai Lake Water Conservatory Scenic Area features a huge number of landscapes, including abundant hydrological landscape, land scenery, astronomical landscape, biological landscape, engineering landscape and cultural landscape. Hydrological landscape includes the quiet Wuhai Lake; land scenery includes the sand and water wonder, Wuhai Lake vast water merging with Ulan Buh desert, forming the sand and water landscape of various sizes and forms; astronomical landscape includes the sunset in the desert, sunset on the Yellow River, afterglow on the bridge and other ravishing sceneries; biological landscape includes with populus diversifolia, tetraena mongolica, aquatic bird, Chuanchia labiosa and other regional characteristic organisms; engineering landscape includes the majestic Haibowan water control dam and Wuhai Lake bridge quality construction project landscape; cultural landscape includes Mongolian furniture museum, calligraphy square, Mabaodian eco-tourism area, dam park and so on.


    Wuhai Lake Water Conservatory Scenic Area is a project that optimizes the environment for the benefit of future generations, which has an important role to improve Wuhai city style, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the city. With the further integration of scenic area and local and surrounding landscape resources, it will drive the overall economic and social development in the local and surrounding areas, and achieve the coordinated, sustainable development of economic and social resources and environment. Through the planning and implementation, we are dedicated to making Wuhai Water Conservatory Scenic Area into an "Ecological paradise" with harmonious co-existence between human and nature.


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Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

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