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Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

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Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd. 2016 Annual Recognition and Commendation Conference

     "Golden monkey bid farewell to the old year, golden pheasant greets the arrival of the new year". On the morning of January 24, 2017, all the staff of Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia gathered together and held the grand "Wuhai Lake Tourism Company 2016 Annual Recognition and Commendation Conference". Li Tao, Chairman and General Manager of Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd., link cadres and all the staff attended the conference.


General Manager Li Tao first made a summary report on the work in 2016, and put forward the key work ideas in 2017: In accordance with the requirement of "Giving priority to the development of tourism, building China's western regional tourism distribution center and tourism destination with international characteristic proposed in the seventh party congress of Wuhai City in 2017, our company shall focus on the construction of the key projects as the starting point, innovative marketing model as the carrier, to build high standard tourism brand, make in-depth development of tourism products, optimize the tourism environment in multiple directions, so as to further improve the comprehensive development level of Wuhai Lake Scenic Area.


The conference finally announced the list of advanced teams and outstanding employees of the company in 2016, and awarded the certificates for the advanced teams and outstanding employees.


The highest good is like that of Yellow River water, and the great beauty of Wuhai Lake is second to none. As a brilliant pearl set in the Yellow River, Wuhai Lake is a valuable legacy left by nature. I believe that, under the correct leadership of Wuhai municipal Party committee and government, with the joint efforts of all our staff, Wuhai Lake will definitely create greater glories


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Inner Mongolia Wuhai Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Address: Wuhai Lake Scenic Area Binhe Wharf (500 meters south of Wuhai Binhe District Mongolian Furniture Museum)

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